How To Support A Loved One Who Suffers From Depression

Do you have a friend or a loved one who is living with depression? If yes, then it is normal for you to look for different ways to help them recover from it. It is natural to feel helpless in such a situation.

More than 300 million people go through each day with a case of depression, and the numbers are only increasing. You need to make sure you give your full support to someone if you are aware of their depression.

Although help is best left to depression treatment willoughby professionals, here are a few ways you can extend support to someone who is suffering from depression.

Be a good listener

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Often, a person with depression only wants a companion they can trust. You must let your loved one know that you are there for them. You can start conversations about their worries and feelings by asking questions. Make sure you listen to them and let them know that you are beside them in everything.

Help them seek professional support

Another great thing would be to help your friend or family member seek professional help. You can help them navigate through the process and ensure they go through with it.

Do not give unwanted advice

People with depression have a hard time going about their day in the first place. So, try not to give unwarranted advice or lifestyle ‘tips’ that you think might help them.

Provide ample reassurance

Sometimes, depressed people may feel that they are a burden, and their friends and family members are losing interest in them. This feeling may cause their depression to amplify. You must reassure your loved one that you will be there for them no matter what.


Depression is a severe mental illness and must not be treated lightly. People with depression often struggle with their daily lives and may experience the harshest of emotions. If someone close to you is suffering from depression, educate yourself and extend full support.