Why Choose Dental Implants?

Dental implants are not new technology. Dentists have used them in oral care for more than 25-years now. However, dental implants became popular a few short years ago and many people are still in the dark. It is time to see the light and learn why the best way to replace missing teeth is with dental implants.

Tooth loss occurs due to many reasons. No matter the cause, those who suffer through the problem find themselves embarrassed to smile, unhappy in their lives, and facing other issues. Dental implants ensure that you can smile again and are no longer unhappy and unconfident with the person that you are.

People of all ages can use dental implants and with a 99% success rate, you will likely be happy with the results. With a 25-year average lifetime, dental implants help your smile for a long time to come.  And, of course, no one knows that dental implants are in your mouth.

Dentists use a titanium screw to attach the implant to the jaw bone. Soon, the implant becomes a permanent part of the mouth. It looks like a natural tooth but never develops cavities. You even care for an implant the same way as a natural tooth. You don’t worry that your teeth will fall out of your mouth when using dental implants.

Furthermore, implants can replace one tooth or the entire mouth, depending on your needs. Dental implants are the fake, natural-looking tooth that you want to replace your lost tooth or teeth.

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If you are concerned with the costs of dental implant surgery hyattsville, you are not alone. Many people understand that dental implants are not cheap and wonder how they’ll cover the fees. The dentist offers several options to ease the burden of paying for implants. Learn more about the options.